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D'Ark Training Resort




@ Janda Baik



Pahang, Malaysia



Hotline +6019 336 6679


  Email to


Contact us for all your events needs team building, family day, seminar, meetings, conventions. summer camps. students camp etc



D'Ark Training Resort is a resort that not only caters for all you training needs but a quiet and peaceful tranquility setting. Primary jungle on one side and the other is a crystal clear river provide you with endless outdoor activities.

The training resort provides the best for your convention, seminar, all forms of training, workshop as well as other recreational needs. Whatever your requirement……we are able to tailor made your individual requests.

The Resort's Ashida Villa gives you a wonderful characteristics and attractive alternative destination. A blend of elegant kampong style surroundings with city convenience.

The 4-acre resort exudes a uniquely traditional charm and special emphasis has been on equipping it with the modern facility and amenity, to present to you a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Indoor games such as chongkak, carom, darts, table tennis and board games and outdoor games are volleyball, badminton, sepak takraw and netball. The other guided activities are jungle trekking, camping and fishing, to name a few.




  Adventure Team Building Packages Inclusion :
+ Day Trip, 2 Days 1 Night and 3 Day 2 Nights
+ Ice breaker
+ Adventure Team building activities conducted by professional facilitators
+ Meals and accommodation

Call or email us for more information

List of activities generally offered :
Outdoor teambuilding, adventure experiential learning, seminar, fireflies, creative problem solving programs, family day challenges, wood-ball games, excursions, treasure hunts, youth student camps, educational programs, eco-challenge, eco-adventure, outward bound, team challenge, high performance teams, rappelling, canoeing, OBS, character building, human resource development, group dynamics, team bonding, children camps, carnival games, walk hunts, events management, MICE, seminar and conference planning, annual staff outings, kayaking, survival programs, jungle trekking, mountain climbing, dragon boat racing, ropes course, abseiling, positive learning, expedition, white water rafting, team building, high and low ropes, treasure hunts, corporate games, water rafting, water tubing, kayaking, wall climbing, jungle trekking, night solo walk, explorace, survival course
, flying fox.




Package include:
2 team building activities
Usage of function room for activities
Bottled drinking water refreshments
Trainers and facilitators

Package Itinerary
0900 hrs Ice breaking
1000 hrs Team Building Activity 1
1300 hrs Buffet Lunch
1400 hrs Team Building Activity 2
1630 hrs Closing and evaluation
1700 hrs End of event





Package includes :
1 night accommodation twin share in studio or hotel room
1 buffet breakfast, 1 buffet lunch and 1 buffet dinner
Bottled drinking water refreshments during activities
Tour per itinerary

Package Summary :
DAY 01
1300 hrs Buffet Lunch
1400 hrs Ice breaking
1500 hrs Team Building Activity 1
1900 hrs Buffet Dinner
2000 hrs Team Building Activity 2

DAY 02
0800 hrs Buffet Breakfast
0900 hrs Team Building Activity 3
1200 hrs Closing & evaluation





Package includes :
2 nights accommodation twin share in studio or hotel room
2 buffet breakfast, 2 buffet lunch and 2 buffet dinner
Bottled drinking water refreshments during activities
Tour per itinerary

Package Summary :
DAY 01
1300 hrs Buffet Lunch
1400 hrs Ice breaking
1500 hrs Team Building Activity 1
1900 hrs Buffet Dinner
2000 hrs Team Building Activity 2

DAY 02
0800 hrs Buffet Breakfast
0900 hrs Team Building Activity 3
1300 hrs Buffet Lunch
1400 hrs Team Building Activity 4
1900 hrs Buffet Dinner

DAY 03
0800 hrs Buffet Breakfast
0900 hrs Closing & evaluation



  Mount Nuang. Gunung Nuang or Mount Nuang (1493m) is the highest in the state of Selangor, which is in Hulu Langat. Gunung Nuang is among the famous mountain for local and foreign trekkers and it is also a "training centre" for those who plan to challenge the Mount Tahan in Pahang and Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. Trekking up Gunung Nuang in Hulu Langat offers intrepid trekkers endless opportunities to observe exotic and rare tropical flora and fauna. Striding through the forests of this mountain, the lush vegetation displays Malaysia's primeval and largely unexplored rainforests. The hilly terrain makes trekking up to the peak of Gunung Nuang more arduous. The vibrant ecosystem that stretches throughout the trek will expose visitors to nature at its most natural form. It is estimated at about 11 hours of journey from the main entrance. Along the journey, there are 2 campsites, where you can have a rest and refresh your energy before continuing another hard trek to the summit. The view from the peak is spectacular with fresh air breezing. A satisfaction guaranteed when reaching this famous summit.  edit




Staying at Janda Baik is never boring. JUST TALK TO US! Activities : The list below is very comprehensive. Some activities can be booked individually and others may have to combine with team building, treasure hunt etc. We have  a  river flowing next to the house and useful for recreation and activities. As you can see we offer a lot of variety of programs to suit your needs.


Activities and packages offered in Janda Baik

 Webpage links

River trekking  (More info/fotos....)


Jungle trekking  (More info/fotos....)


Waterfall trekking (More info/fotos....)


White water tube rafting (More info/fotos....)

 Janda Baik Tube Rafting

High and  low obstacles course (More info/fotos....)


4WD off road experience (More info/fotos....)


Fruit farm visits (More info/fotos....)


Mountain climbing (More info/fotos....)


Team building (More info/fotos....)

 D'Ark Resort Team Building

Adventure camp (More info/fotos....)


Campfire (More info/fotos....)


Telematches (More info/fotos....)


Jungle survival basic and hardcore (More info/fotos....)

 Basic Jungle Survival Program

4WD drivers training (More info/fotos....)

 4WD Basic and Advance Training

4WD Off Road Treasure hunt (More info/fotos....)

 4WD Off Road Treasure Hunt

Walkhunt / explorace (More info/fotos....)


Compass orienteering (More info/fotos....)


Animals trappings (More info/fotos....)


Community Service (More info/fotos....)





ATV (More info/fotos....)


Paintball War Games (More info/fotos....)

 Paintball Wargames Games

Fishing (More info/fotos....)


International summer camps (More info/fotos....)

 Summer Camp Janda Baik





1.  Saufiville @ Janda Baik

2.  Homestay @ Janda Baik





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