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If you have never played paintball before, Malaysia with its many jungles is a great place to try a truly exciting sport. You can not believe how people’s attitudes and personalities change when you give them a gun and they enter the paintball arena.

Paintball is where two teams fire paint capsules at each other, the blob of paint indicates a Kill. Players eliminate each other from the game by hitting their opponents with a paintball that breaks upon impact and leaves them visibly marked with paint.

Paintball is a dynamic and exciting sport that requires teamwork and strategy, it's great fun for groups large or small. You don't necessarily have to be physically fast or agile to be good at paintball, as long as your skilful. Tactical awareness and strategy is as important as swiftness. The objective is to capture your opposition’s flag and get it back to your home base.

Basic Rules

Rules on how big a paint mark must be to count as a hit vary, a paint mark from a paintball that breaks on some other object before impacting a player, referred to as splatter. It does not count as a hit, once a player has been marked, they are eliminated from the game.

Most rules consider hits on any body part, clothing, gear, or object the player is carrying or wearing as elimination. This includes the marker, backpack or an object picked up from the field, such as a flag or a pod. Some rules do not count hits on the marker or head or both, or other areas of the body as an elimination, and require more than one hit in certain areas for elimination.

Players are provided with full face, temple ear and eye protection and must be worn at all times for maximum safety. Two piece camouflage suits are also included. If you get shot at very close range it might leave a bruise, chest and back protectors are available, if required.


Paintball has proven to be an extremely popular activity for corporate events, as well as other types of group days out, because paintball is excellent for team building. Paintball is designed to engage a team in an activity which demands various skills and techniques.

Paintball is a competitive game played like any other competitive game, to win. It is like a more challenging, high-stakes version of tag, hide-and-seek, or capture the flag. Because you shoot at other people (and get shot at!), paintball requires specific equipment (goggles, a gun/marker, pressurized gas, and paintballs). Beyond that, paintball is hard to describe. It can be played indoors or out, with as few as two people or as many as 500; a game can last 5 minutes or 24 hours; it’s objective might be to take something, bring something, find something, or to simply be the last person standing.


Capture the Flag

Paintball is a combination of the childhood games "tag" and "hide & seek," but is much more challenging and sophisticated. Although there are many different game formats, typically a group of players will divide into two teams to play "capture the flag." The number of players on each team can vary from one or two, five or seven or ten, to over 1,000 on a side, limited only by the size of the playing field.



The object of the game is to go out and capture the other team's flag while protecting your own. While you are trying to capture a flag, you also try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball expelled from a special airgun called a "paintgun." Games run from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the field and the number of players.

Between games, players take a break to check their equipment, get more paintballs and have a snack or soda while they share stories about the thrills of victory and the usually funny agonies of defeat. Win or lose, everyone has a good time and there's usually the next game waiting for you.




We are a pioneer adventure team building provider and we strive to improve and to guarantee customers' satisfaction.


Our principle focus is in corporate training in indoor and outdoor adventure events planning. We employ experience and experts trainers and facilitators.


Contact us for more information and consultations.


We provide a broad based adventure tour packages throughout East and West Malaysia.




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