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Jungle Notes - A general guide to jungle adventures

Traveling through the Jungle is a phenomenal experience, but you need to go prepared. If you follow a few simple rules, you will be sure to have a memorable trip.

Our Jungle guide provides some useful information and advice, so you can arrived ready for your adventure.


This guide is intended to assist you with your preparations and enable you to enjoy the experience of the jungle to its fullest. We intend the following facts, pointers and suggestions to ease your journey.

The most important lesson you will learn as you enter this unbelievable adventure is that Mother Nature is the strongest force in the world. We must be careful of her and respect the forest. The weather can change quickly, and if the monsoon rains come you will discover inner strengths to cope with the challenges that face you!!.

The way of life is very different in Malaysia and the pace of life is slower, we foreigners call it "Malay time"

Water and food

These are included in your package

Dehydration can make you very ill.

It is recommended that plenty of water is drunk, even walking around Kuala Lumpur.

Re-hydration Salts

If you do become de-hydrated it is essential to get liquid and salts back into the body quickly to prevent illness. We will carry Re-hydration Salts in sachets.
If you want to buy your own supply these can be bought in Malaysian Pharmacy's (Farmasi) much cheaper than at home.
One sachet to a 75 cl bottle of water is the usual dose. Rest and drink at least a litre of water. High energy drinks are good i.e. high Glucose drinks. 100 Plus is the favoured drink in Malaysia and available everywhere.

Watch out for each other.

A person who is becoming dehydrated often will not realise. Diarrhoea or loose motions is one of the first symptoms and it will dehydrate a person extremely quickly. Notice if a member of the group keeps dashing off into the bush with toilet paper. Other symptoms are possible feelings of nausea, dizziness or feeling light headed, lethargic and tired, headache, sweating or urinating less.

Insect repellent

It is recommended to wear a good repellent that combats not only mosquitoes, but also sand flies, even in town. The sand fly is much smaller and harder to see and is common early evening and night. (they bite while you sleep and can cause slight swelling if the face is bitten).
To combat the insects around the sleeping area we supply Mosquito Repellent Coils - once lit they slowly smoke all night and keep the flies away.
In Malaysia you can also buy "BAYGONE" insect repellent from Malaysia, green tin with green cap, excellent against mosquitoes when sprayed on the floor around the camp before sleeping and helps keep leeches at bay. Also if sprayed on trouser legs and boots it prevents against leeches

Waterproof bags

Keeping clothes and sleeping bags dry in the jungle is difficult. Previous experience has shown that CANOE BAGS are the most effective. These bags are obtainable in different sizes from most good water sports/surfing shops. Even when going through deep rivers etc. the bags prevent water from getting inside to the contents.

Camp beds / Sleeping bags / Eating utensils

We will provide you with a stretcher bed and a sleeping bag adequate for the cooler mountain evenings.
Cotton liners are personal preference - participant to supply own. It is hot and humid at night and you will get "sticky" however the temperature will feel much cooler in the mountains. All plates, cups and cutlery will be provided - as will a supply of toilet rolls

Mosquito Nets

Will be supplied for your use.

Walking Boots & Jungle Boots

A good stout pair of boots are required. Green canvas lace-up boots are available in Malaysian camping shops for about RM45-50. They are light to wear and quicker to dry than normal boots. The high leg also helps protect from leeches and insects. It is also recommended to wear a pair of sandals in the river when bathing, and around the camp at night, this will allow your feet to breath and dry. They are very cheap in Malaysia if you need to buy a pair.

Anti fungal powder / cream for important personal hygiene and feet

The heat and humidity, mud, rivers and rain can cause "sweat rash" under arms, groin and chest and if not prevented, is very uncomfortable.
A good relief from this is an anti-fungal cream called "Caneston", which should be bought at home. Feet also need looking after, you will get skin peeling if they are continuously wet and not allowed to dry properly.

Insects and Animals

The jungle is alive with all sorts of wildlife. 99% will avoid human contact (they hear you and disappear long before you see them). However Leeches are quite common and latch on even through wet clothing - They don't hurt and can be easily removed, expect slight bleeding for a while after. Before sleep always check your legs, arms, neck and feet for leeches. They get down inside socks and boots and hide between toes - during the night they feed on your blood and the first you know is a bloody sleeping bag in the morning.
Make sure your feet are dry and powdered each night. Check boots before putting on each morning for insects.

Personal Hygiene

It is important to wash/shower/clean the body daily in whatever water source is available. Humid conditions and wet clothing can cause irritable rashes of the skin. Dry clothing and medicated powder helps to keep this at bay.


Injections are a matter of personal choice. Your Medical Centre will be able to advise on which injections are commended for Malaysia. Malaria Tables, consult your GP.

Drinking river water and rain water

Not recommended unless in emergency and only after boiling.


Everyone is responsible for collecting and transporting their rubbish out of the jungle. We will provide rubbish sacks.


It usually rains at night so the tent is always erected first before anything else.

Toilet Etiquette

ALL toilet business should be conducted some distance from the campsite and away from the water source. With a shovel bury your excrement do not leave it on the ground with tissue or leaves covering it.
You would not want to put your foot on someone else's business would you ?? (it is advisable to 'rattle the bushes and grasses' to ward off any unwanted wild life before doing your business). DO NOT go to the toilet in the river - villages downstream use river water for cooking and drinking - you could give them illness.


You will only be allowed to bring into the jungle one holdall or soft bag no bigger than 30" L x 18" W. (Suitcases and additional clothes can be left with the concierge at your Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Passports can either be left in the Hotel safe or brought with you in a waterproof bag)
Pack clothes into plastic zip bags or waterproof canoe bags inside the holdall.


Note:- All clothes used in the jungle will get stained by the mud, especially if wet. It is recommended that you bring clothes you don't mind getting soiled.

  • T-shirts
  • Long trousers-not thick as they won't dry
  • Shorts
  • Thin long sleeved shirt
  • Sweat shirt and thin fleece
  • Stout boots
  • Sandals
  • Personal toiletries and thin towels
  • Small thin hand towels for around the neck-helps with the sweat!
  • Underwear
  • Plenty of socks
  • Hat
  • Head torch & spare batteries
  • Work gloves-several pairs
  • Immodium tablets
  • Personal medications, first aid plasters etc

Daytime you will live in t-shirts and trousers while working but shorts can be worn the rest of the time. In the mountains the temperature drops at night so you will want your sweatshirt and maybe fleece.


Malaysian currency is the Ringgit (RM) and can be obtained in most bureau d' change in UK, but you need to order them. However, you can normally get a better exchange rate in Kuala Lumpur (1 = RM7)
Upon arrival in Malaysia you will need money for transportation, this can be obtained from the airport just after passport control.


Transport from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur is either by taxi (1 hour) or the KLIA Express Train (25 mins).
Prior to entering the arrival hall a ticket for the taxi must be purchased. The taxi will take you straight to your hotel.
A ticket for the KLIA Express Train can be either purchased at the machine by the luggage reclaim or at the ticket office on level 1 (train station). The train will arrive at Central Station, Kuala Lumpur, from there take a taxi to your Hotel.

Camera Equipment

Humidity in the jungle is high. Rainfall, when it happens, is very heavy. A hotel shower cap makes an excellent cover for cameras! Cameras should be kept in a padded bag for protection.
Some of the vehicles will not have charging facilities for batteries. Be sure to bring sufficient for the duration and spare media cards.

Sun Block

Essential, the temperatures rise to 34-36C and even the toughest skin can burn.


Holiday Insurance is the responsibility of the participant and must be purchased


On the jungle trips, we travel as light as possible. Camping equipment supplied includes a sleeping bag, mosquito net and camp beds. Camp is set up beneath large tarpaulins to keep any storms off, and a real 'campsite' atmosphere is created from the very first night.


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